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Feel-better foods in Danang



Do you know that women hold up (more than) half the sky of cuisine in Danang, which is evident through a string of genuine food vendors starting with “Madam” in their name?

  1. Quang Nam Noodles of Madam Mua

  Madam Mua Restaurant at 95A Nguyen Tri Phuong Str. is one of the best loved vendors of Quang Nam Noodles in Danang. The restaurant is well visited by the locals fond of this rustic treat, but also given a heavy mention in numerous tour books and brochures. The restaurant is availble from 6.30am to 9.30pm.

The menu spoils you all for choices of chicken, beef, prawn, chicken egg, eel, snakehead fish or geese… on offer. A bowl of Quang Nam Noodles is on its own a visual and palatable feast that wraps up eye catching colors, swirling aroma, chewy noodle strands, sweet and flavorful broth, crisp crunchy rice crepes and a big bunch of corianders that meet the eyes and the stomach.

Quality aside, the average price is just between 25,000 and 30,000 dongs apiece, which lures droves of guests all day long. The restaurant is also hygienic, airy and spacious, thus well suited for cordial birthday parties and crushes…

  1. Nêm paste rice vermicelli of Madam Thuyen

One of the more iconic treats of Danang is nêm paste rice vermicelli, and your experience won’t be the same without stopping by Madam Thuyen’s restaurant, long reputed for its flavorful and well-prepared nêm paste  rice vermicelli. Many who have given it a go claimed that they would not be bothered to try any other vendors because the palatable harmony of every single ingredients, including the crunchy roasted pork, sweet and chewy grated jackfruit and pungent, salty nem paste simply flawless.

Another plus is the thinly grated and pickled green papaya adds a sweet and sour taste to the nem paste. Such an elaborate treat charges you only 20 to 40 thousand dongs, depending on your servings. Perhaps owing to its demonstrable quality and hygiene, Madam Thuyen’s restaurant has lured an enviable record of guests, many of whom have been drawn to her restaurant for over 30 years.

  1. Vietnamese rice crepes of Madam Duong

This Vietnamese rice crepe and grilled pork terrine vendor of Madam Duong has spanned over 30 years. Despite its modest location in a small alley, the valley is never short on both the locals and visitors. The recipe of her Vietnamese rice crepes is a far cry from secret, but each step is added with elaboration so that her crepes are simply beyond compare. The rice flour is made of the choicest paddies of Quang Nam, which is soaked in four hours, ground into flour and diluted with turmeric powder as the coloring. Pour the flour while having it cooked on charcoal, and the corianders should include basils, pickles and grilled pork terrine of quality pork.

Beside Vietnamese rice crepes, grilled pork terrine is also a much sought-after treat in her vendor. Grilled pork terrine is made of pork and finely ground pork, which is collectively kneaded in skewers marinated with spices and condiments. Grilled pork terrine can either be served plain or with Vietnamese rice crepes. A pork terrine skewer charges 5,000 dongs.

  1. Bèo, nậm and sifted rice cakes of Madam Be

Madam Be’s restaurant is a must-visit on any food list of Danang. The vendor is specialized in choicest rice related treats of the Central region, including bèo cakes, nậm cakes, sifted rice cakes, etc. most notably bèo cakes. Bèo cakes are soft and dressed in pork stock and served with well-mixed dipping sauce.

In addition, the vendor also offers equally delectable sifted rice cakes and nậm cakes. Sifted rice cakes are chewy, stuffed with prawns and served with flavorful dipping sauce, which charges only 1,500 dongs apiece. Her nậm cakes always sell out soon, comprising rice flour and prawns and charging 3,500 dongs apiece. For the vendor’s treats are so delicious and competitively priced, it is a hotspot among snack lovers in Danang and sells like hot cake. It is opened at 3pm, and sells out at around 7pm, even sooner. So please be early birds to make the most of your local food experience.

  1. Grilled pork terrine of Madam Ngoc (Hue)

The vendor is located on Dong Da Street and reputed for grilled pork terrine skewers, piper lolot leaved beef, Vietnamese rice crepes and grilled pork rice vermicelli. Grill pork terrine skewers and piper lolot leaved beef are delicious and served hot, thus always fresh. Vegetables are equally varying not to bore guests. Wrap the corianders with pork terrine and serve with the signature dipping sauce of the vendor to make the most of its famously delectable taste.

In chilly wintry or rainy days, a serving of hot served grilled pork terrine skewers brushed with spicy chili sauce is such big pleasure. A plus of the vendor is its conspicuous location, spacious and airy seating and friendly waiters. The vendor is open between 8am and 10pm and charges only 5,000 dongs a skewer.

  1. Snails of Madam My

Situated at 30 Hoang Hoa Tham Street on the entrance to Danang Train Station, the snail vendor is high on the bucket list of snack lovers in Danang. Most famous treats include sucked snails, which are tiny but spicy, served with strong dipping sauce. Its spicy taste is simply overwhelming, and can even added with crunchy grilled rice crepes and mixed salads.

In addition to sucked snails, the vendor also offers normal snails and mixed greated jackfruit salads. This streetside vendor competes well thanks to its quality foods, easy going and hospitable hostess, and even its earnest guards. The snail vendor of Madam My is available from 4am to 9pm, and well crowded all the time.

  1. Pound rice crepes and soy sauce rice crepes of Madam Tu

  Soy sauce rice crepes and pound rice crepes are among most popular and best served snacks of people in the Central region. Pound rice crepes comprise two thin, yellow brushed and grilled rice crepes stuffed with another layer of thin, chewy and soft rice crepe. Simple as it may appear, its taste is unrivalled and lasts long thanks to its essential and unique simplicity.

This vendor of Madam Tu is famous for her pound rice crepes, thus largely cramped all day long. Cakes are soft and newly baked, further accentuated with the vendor’s signature nêm paste, crunchy deep fried onion and a bunch of pineapple and cooking oil. Prices are equally pleasant: from 3,000 to 5,000 dongs apiece. The vendor is available from 2pm to 9pm.

(Credit: Tri Thuc Tre)

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