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Son Tra Peninsula



Son Tra is situated 8km east away from Danang downtown, and was registered as a national reserve in 1980. The peninsula boasts long ranges of mountains towering over 500m, the highest of which is 696m. Son Tra Peninsula resembles a mushroom, which acts as a natural partition leaning towards the open sea to shelter the city.

The peninsula is draped in the boundless greenery spanning 4,370ha as mingled with the sapphire blue East Sea that encircles it. Perennial forests are the convergent point of two archetypical flora and fauna systems of north and south, comprising 298 plant species of 271 orders and 90 families, 64 tree species, 107 herbal species and a variety of wild orchids…

Along the peninsula lie breathtaking beaches. Each of them is colorful on its own. The Buddha Bach glistens in pink and purple of oyster shells and clam shells. The Dawning Beach is tranquil with its calm waters through which swarms of idly swimming fish can be spotted. The Northern and Southern beaches are endowed with pure white sands and rippling waves… not to mention their picturesque landscape. At the foot of the peninsula and deep beneath the sea are treasured coral reefs.


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