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Busan International Firework Festival – South Korea

Busan - Korea




Koreans also have a name for the city of Busan: ‘camellia city’ as everywhere in Busan, you can see the unique dark red coloured flower. Busan is also famous for its annually Busan International Film Festival, one of the most significant film festivals in Asia.


But Busan is also well-known as the city of fireworks. Every October, Busan International Firework Display is held at Gwangalli beach. The city of Busan is even more glamorous in autumn as the fireworks explode, lighting up the sky with spectacular colours. Fireworks are not fired as usual, they are fired from the sea back to the beach, making Busan International Fireworks Festival an unique show. The festival also hosts a number of exciting cultural events, high-tech laser light shows and music shows.


The Busan International Fireworks Festival was first held as part of the celebrations for 2005 APEC summit conference. It has been an annual festival ever since.

In 2010, the festival attracted more than 2.52 million domestic and international tourists to Busan. On average, each year, the event attracts 1 million tourists to Busan.


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