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Toya lake Long-run Fireworks Display – Hokkaido, Japan

Hokkaido - Japan




In Japan, you can see displays of fireworks, called hanabi in Japanese (literally, fire flowers) all around the country from July to September. That’s why summertime is called ‘hanabi season’ in Japan. There are hundreds of hanabi festivals during this time of year.


At the hanabi festivals, Japanese people will put on traditional costumes, cook traditional food and play traditional games. Each hanabi festival held is a special event that can attract huge numbers of tourists.


One such festival that is Toya lake’s Long-run Fireworks Display for which fireworks are set off every night for as long as six months making it the longest running fireworks festival in Japan. Since fireworks are set off from a boat moving across Lake Toya, the fireworks can be viewed from anywhere by the Lake Toya hot springs resort.

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