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A special charm of Danang cuisines

Ngày đăng: 08/04/2019


Giới thiệu

According to the New York Times, “Danang, Vietnam’s third largest city, is probably best known for being a gateway to the nearby Unesco Heritage town of Hoi An. But in the last few years, it’s begun to develop its own reputation as the Miami of Vietnam, with a strong foodie scene and new hotels and resorts popping up on a five-mile-long beach strip. As a result, Danang is attracting growing numbers of tourists from all over the world.” What makes Danang an attractive destination in this summer? The first keyword? Cuisine. Here are some of the city’s signature dishes.


Mi Quang: The most popular dish in Quang Nam. Unlike other noodle strands, the noodles for this delicious bowl are made from rice flour with many thin layers and then cut by hand into strands. The noodles are wide, soft and colored with turmeric. Each bowl of Quang soup is made with many kinds of meat (it depends on your choice: prawn, pork, chicken). The broth is made from pork bones, but its simmered down till its concentrated like a sauce, known as “nuoc nhun”. It’s always topped with fresh herbs and peanuts. The New York Times insists: “Don’t leave without sampling a bowl of mi quang.

Hoi An Chicken Rice: A classic from nearby Hoi An, the rice in this dish is cooked with chicken broth with a dash of fresh turmeric added to give it a glossy yellow color. The dish is served with shredded boiled chicken, pickled papaya, and lots of fresh herbs, along with a small bowl of chicken broth.

Banh Xeo: A savory pancake, the name in Vietnamese means ‘sizzling cake’ – the sound of the batter crackling in the pan. Danang has many versions, from the traditional pancakes, some made from rice flour with added turmeric, others made with a thinner layer of eggs outside and a crispy kind made from pure rice flour (no yellow color). Often filled with beansprouts, pork and shrimp and served with plenty of herbs.

Cao Lau: Another classic noodle dish from the area, closely associated with Hoi An. Cao Lau is also mainly a dry noodle soup with just a ladle of broth added onto the noodles which are quite unique — they are made from rice, but the texture is thick and chewy, not unlike udon noodles. They are also made with a kind of local water that makes the flavor utterly unique. Topped with sliced pork, crispy pork fat, and herbs.


Tré: A common Danang treat that is often mistakenly labeled as a kind of spring roll, but Tré is more like a sausage made from pork and pork ears that are marinated with anchovy-based fish sauce, Ly Son garlic, and galangal, then wrapped in banana leaves and left to ferment naturally. When eaten, it’s sour, garlicky but delicious taste makes this the perfect snack when sipping on the beer.

Bun cha ca: A noodle soup made with various fish ‘cake’ (sausages) which is very common in Da Nang. It’s a little different here compared to other provinces in Central Vietnam due to its freshness of ingredients used. As a coastal city located in a region with an abundance of fresh seafood and natural resources, Da Nang style bun cha ca is made from many kinds of fresh fish including mackerel, tuna, and knife-fish. Meanwhile, the base soup is prepared by simmering a mix of fish bones, pumpkin, and tomato, all of which combine to create an orange, reddish color. The fish cakes are always incredibly soft and chewy with naturally fresh flavors.

Banh Trang Cuon Thit Heo: (Pork rolls) This dish can appear deceptive with its basic main ingredients laid across the table. The main components appear to be various kinds of lean and fatty pork and rice paper. But each person at the table assembles their own roll and you will discover its the sum of its parts. Add a slice of juicy pork, a bunch of fresh herbs, some pickles, cucumber, and ore, into a rice paper, roll it all up and dunked in the “mam nem” — a sauce made from fermented anchovy, crushed pineapples, sugar, lemon juice. It’s an unbelievable food experience waiting for you!

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