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  • July 03 2019


    Fireworks teams from England and Finland have excelled over teams from other countries to compete in the final of the Danang International Fireworks Festival (DIFF) 2019 on July 6. They are the teams who have the highest scores after four qualifying nights, the organizer announced on June 23. On the third night of the festival,...

  • June 25 2019

    Danang treated to another unforgettable night of fireworks at DIFF 2019

    Teams from China and England stake their claim for a place in the upcoming final with two dazzling displays. On the penultimate competition night of this year’s Danang International Fireworks Festival (DIFF 2019), the central city witnessed the last two fireworks teams pull out all the stops in an effort to win a place in...

  • June 24 2019

    United Kingdom will meet Finland in grand finale of DIFF 2019

    The organizers of Danang International Fireworks Festival (DIFF 2019) have officially announced that the teams from the United Kingdom and Finland will have the honor of competing for the title of champions on July 6, 2019. Competing over four nights through the month of June, a total of eight teams from eight different countries had...

  • June 24 2019

    Colourful firework displays wow spectators in Da Nang

    Two firework teams from China and England impressed spectators with their stunning performances on the evening of June 22 on the banks of Han river within the Da Nang International Fireworks Festival (DIFF) 2019. The fourth show of the DIFF 2019 was held under the theme ‘Colours’. The Pyrotex Fireworx team from England wowed the...

  • June 19 2019

    Spectacular fireworks shows in Danang light up the skies in the name of ‘Love’

    Third performance night at Danang International Fireworks Festival 2019 (DIFF 2019) is another huge success thanks to mesmerising fireworks displays and incredible stage performances. On June 15, DIFF 2019 once again treated visitors and residents in Danang in Central Vietnam to a memorable night with show-stopping fireworks shows and breathtaking performances. The theme for the...

  • June 18 2019

    DIFF 2019: Italy, Finland’s performance left the crowds breathless

    Newcomer Finland and two-time winners Italy sparked the third night of the 2019 Da Nang International Fireworks Festival on June 15, lighting up the Han River with sky range and water space launched fireworks on their first show in the central city. Running from June to July, DIFF 2019 is the tenth edition of the...

  • June 18 2019

    Enjoying emotional journey with fireworks display by Team Italy

    On the third night of the ongoing Da Nang International Fireworks Festival, 2019 (DIFF) on Saturday, 15 June, the fireworks performance by Team Finland was followed by Parente Fireworks Group from Italy. This was considered as the much-awaited performance because the Italian team were crowned champions in the Da Nang International Fireworks Competitions, currently known...

  • June 18 2019

    Team Finland tells epic story by fireworks

    At around 8.30pm on Saturday, the third competition night of the ongoing Da Nang International Fireworks Festival 2019 (DIFF 2019) was opened with a wonderful performance by JoHo Pyro Professional Fireworks AB from Finland. Without flinching ahead of their ‘heavyweight’ rivals, Italy, during the competition night, the Finnish team thrilled the spectators with their delicate...

  • June 12 2019

    Mesmerising fireworks show lights up the sky above Danang on second performance night of DIFF 2019

    On the evening of June 8, Danang International Firework Festival (DIFF 2019) once again amazed thousands of spectators from all over the world with colorful art shows, show-stopping musical performances and, most especially, two dazzling fireworks displays by teams from Brazil and Belgium. The second performance night of DIFF 2019  was another huge success attracting...

  • June 12 2019

    Jubilant festival atmosphere at street carnival

    As one of a series of interesting cultural activities on the sidelines of the Da Nang International Fireworks Festival (DIFF) 2019, a parade of 4 flower-decorated vehicles, and 80 foreign dancers in eye-catching costumes, takes place in the city every Sunday from 2 June – 6 July. These parades have become one of the city’s...

  • June 09 2019

    Brazil and Belgium debut at Danang International Fireworks Festival 2019

    Brazil and Belgium lit up the night with fireworks at the 2019 Đà Nẵng International Fireworks Festival on the Hàn River on Saturday June 8. Participating for the first time, the two teams wowed spectators with their performances on the second night of the festival. While Brazil featured traditional ‘Samba’ dances with rapid-fire launches above...

  • June 06 2019

    Forbes lists Vietnam’s Danang Among top 8 Cheapest Places To Live Well Overseas In 2019

    Danang is Vietnam’s third largest city, and is located on the Eastern Sea coast, midway between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City and the largest city of Central Vietnam. Last week, Forbes has listed Danang among top 8 cheapest places to live overseas in 2019.

  • June 04 2019

    Opening ceremony of DIFF 2019 dazzles spectators in Da Nang

    Danang International Fireworks Festival (DIFF 2019) officially started with a bang on the evening of June 1st, 2019 with Vietnam competing against Russia in the opening contest. Both teams wowed spectators with two dazzling displays that created an incredible tapestry of color and light across the sky over the Han River in downtown Danang. A...

  • June 03 2019

    Team Da Nang- Viet Nam and Team Russian performed in the opening night of DIFF 2019

    Vietnam and Russia performed during the curtain-raiser of the 2019 Da Nang International Fireworks Festival on the Han River on Saturday. The host team Da Nang-Viet Nam took ‘The Legendary River Banks’ as their performance’s theme for the opening ceremony, featuring Da Nang city’s vigorous growth over the years. Meanwhile, Team Fireworks Center Khan from...

  • June 03 2019

    Da Nang’s international fireworks festival begins with a bang

    The month-long Da Nang fireworks festival opened on Saturday night with performances by Vietnam and Russia. The Vietnamese team lights up the Han River in the central city to kick off the 2019 Da Nang International Fireworks Festival (DIFF). This is the 10th edition of the annual festival. DIFF 2019, with the theme “Stories by...

  • May 24 2019


    Prepare to bring backpack to Da Nang, remember not to forget the fairyland of Sun World Ba Na Hills! Passing the long and steep cable car reaching the world records, from the top of the mountain, visitors can cover an immense space: the sea, Da Nang city, green rice fields to horizon. Located at 1,487m...

  • May 23 2019

    ความสวยงามของแม่น้ำฮัน – DIFF 2019

    แม่น้ำฮัน: แม่น้ำฮัน เริ่มจากสามแยกแม่น้ำระหว่างเขต Cam Le เขด Hai Chauและเขต Ngu hanh Son จนถึงอ่าวดานัง สะพานข้ามแม่น้ำฮันมีอยู่ทั้งหมด 6 สาย ซึ่งเป็นสะพานที่มีชื่อเสียงของดานังได้แก่ สะพานถ่วนเฟื้อก สะพานแม่น้ำห่าน สะพานมังคร, สะพาน เจริ่ม ธิ ลี้ สพานเหงวียน วัน โจ๋ย และ สะพานเตียนเซิน สะพานเหล่านี้ถือเป็นสัญลักษณ์ที่โดดเด่นของเมืองดานัง โดยเฉพระอย่างยิ่งสะพานมังคร ในยามเช้าตรู่เมื่อแสงอาทิตย์ยังไม่มา แม่น้ำฮันดูเหมือนผู้หญิงที่อ่อนโยน สวยงาม มองผ่านสายหมอกบาง ๆ แม่น้ำฮันอยู่นิ่งเหมือนชาวเมืองคนหนึ่งที่กำลังยืนมองดูความสวยงาม ความสงบสุขของบ้านเกิดเมืองนอน ในบรรยากาศที่เงียบสงบ มีแต่เสียงคลื่นทะเลเบาๆนั้น แม่น้ำฮันเปรียบเสมือนผืนผ้าไหมสีน้ำเงินที่สวยงามอยู่ในใจกลางเมือง แต่ในยามสาย เมื่อดวงอาทิตย์ส่องแสงแดดลงในผิวน้ำ แม่น้ำฮันดูเหมือนชาวเมืองคนหนึ่งที่สดใส มีความสุข แม่น้ำดูเหมือนกระจกบานใหญ่ส่องเงาของเรือลำใหญ่ เสียงแตรเข้าท่าน้ำของเรื่อลำต่างๆและ สายลมพัดเข้า ทำให้แม่น้ำฮันในยามเที่ยงดูเหมือนมีความสุขมากมายกับชีวิตของชาวบ้านที่นี่ เมื่อยามเย็นมาถึง แสงแดดก็ลดลง แม่น้ำฮันดูเหมือนผู้หญิงที่กำลังรู้สึกเสียใจเพราะต้องเลิกราจากเพื่อนที่ดีคือสงแดดที่ดสใส แต่ความเสียใจของแม่น้ำก็อยู่ไม่ได้นานเพราะในยามเย็น แสงไฟจากบ้านอาคาร และ ป้ายโฆษณาต่างๆก็ทำให้เมืองดานังสว่างขึ้น...

  • May 23 2019

    Hottest travel spots in Danang you shouldn’t miss during fireworks festival 2019

    Danang International Firework Festival – DIFF 2019 will “burn” the summer in the Han River city from June 1 to July 6, 2019. Where to go, what to play, what is the most ideal place to rest on this occasion? Please give points! Premier Village Danang Resort Located in the heart of Danang beach city...

The firework teams

  • Vietnam VIETNAM
  • Russia RUSSIA
  • Italy ITALY
  • Brazil BRAZIL
  • China CHINA
  • United Kingdom United Kingdom
  • Belgium Belgium
  • Finland FINLAND

Performance Schedule

The Opening - Origins

20:00 01/06/2019

The opening ceremony

Vietnam and Russia

2nd night - Buds of life

20:00 08/06/2019

Brazil and Belgium

3rd night - Love

20:00 15/06/2019

Finland and Italia

4th night - Burst of Colour

20:00 22/06/2019

United Kingdom and China

The Final Round - Setting Sail

20:00 06/07/2019

The two teams’s with the best pyrotechnic performances.


  • Da Nang – Fireworks Demonstration Team Vietnam Year 2015
  • Killer – Fireworks Demonstration Team Australia Year 2013
  • Firma – Fireworks Demonstration Team Poland Year 2012
  • Gibson – Fireworks Demonstration Team Belgium Year 2011
  • Eliza – Fireworks Demonstration Team USA Year 2010
  • Team Da Nang – Fireworks Demonstration Team Vietnam Year 2009





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