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Finland wins Danang International Fireworks Festival 2019

Date posted: 11/07/2019


10th fireworks festival another huge success for the Central City, which continues to grow as a world-class destination for tourism and culture

The final night of the Danang International Fireworks Festival 2019 (DIFF 2019) finished on a huge high with JoHo Pyro Professional Fireworks AB from Finland being crowned champions after another amazing, eye-catching display.

Organised by Danang City People’s Committee and Sun Group, the festival has been a huge success drawing hundreds of thousands of spectators to the central city over the last six weeks.

In attendance at the closing ceremony on July 6 were numerous distinguished guests, including Mr. Truong Hoa Binh – Politburo member and Permanent Deputy Prime Minister, Phan Dinh Trac – Head of Central Internal Affairs Commission. They were joined by Mr Truong Quang Nghia – Member of the Party Central Committee and Secretary of Danang Party Committee, Mr. Vo Cong Tri – Deputy Secretary of Danang Party Committee and Mr. Huynh Duc Tho – Deputy Secretary of Danang Party Committee, Chairman of Da Nang People’s Committee.

Also attending the grand finale were scores of international guests, representatives of various media agencies, and nearly 17,000 spectators, who lined the streets and packed the stands to watch the show on the eastern side of the Han River.

The final night of DIFF 2019, included a host of mesmerising art shows, stunning musical performances and, of course, outstanding fireworks displays by the two finalists, namely Finland and the UK.

“Over the past 10 years, Danang International Fireworks Competition (DIFC), now known as the Danang International Firework Festival (DIFF), has made significant progress in terms of scale and quality, making an important contribution to Danang’s position as the leading tourist festival destination in the country and the region,” said Mr. Le Trung Chinh – Vice Chairman of Danang People’s Committee and Head of the Organizing Committee of DIFF 2019.

The final night began with the rendition of “Giấc mơ khơi xa” (Sea Dreams) performed by famous singers Phuong Linh and OPLUS band with Mai Trang, Hoang Thong art troupes and dancers from Ukraine . Incorporating a host of modern visual effects, specifically designed for the grand finale, the LED stage conjured up a unique atmosphere for the grand finale that dazzled audiences.

Thousands of visitors were also treated to a retrospective of the 10 fireworks festivals held in Danang since 2008 through a special report video. The video underlined how the Danang International Fireworks Festival has been developed into a world-class cultural and tourist event.

For the final night, the vibrant artistic displays and musical performances all combined to showcase the modern, dynamic side of Danang with songs such as Danang, My Love”, “You Raise Me Up”, “The Beautiful Life”, “Wavin’ Flag”, and Bright Dreams performed by celebrated local singers and balladeers such as Oplus, Ninh Duc Hoang Long, Phuong Linh, Doan Trang and Ha Anh Tuan.

Along with lively dance routines, artistic displays and spellbinding lighting and visual effects, the singers and musicians spirited spectators away from the very beginning of the show.

The fireworks teams from England and Finland, who had excelled in their respective shows to earn a place in the final of the Danang International Fireworks Festival (DIFF) 2019, did not disappoint as they sought to wow audiences one more time and lift the winner’s crown.

Pyrotex Fireworx Ltd from the U.K team had the honour of going first, revealing many new techniques, which had not been seen in the elimination round.
Using the latest equipment and technology for pyrotechnics, the team from England synced gorgeous melodies with some magical fireworks. The bright bursts of fireworks reverberated far and wide and reflected on the surface of Han river leaving spectators hugely impressed.

As the last performer of the 10th annual Da Nang International Fireworks Festival (DIFF), Finland set out to give everyone lasting memories with another scintillating display that lit up the sky over the central city. JoHo Pyro Professional Fireworks AB once again proved that “strength lies not just in your experience, but in your passion and creative breakthrough.”

As the theme for the finale was Setting Sail”, the Finnish team fittingly whisked spectators away on an overseas voyage, as if they were sailors trying to conquer the seas through colorful lights.

The team ended its performance with a spectacular display depicting sailors coming home in victory after overcoming all the challenges on the high seas. Their performance also featured a Vietnamese hit song “Forget Me”, which certainly won over the local audiences.

After two world-class displays of fireworks, judges were left with a difficult decision to determine, who should walk away with the winner’s trophy at DIFF 2019. Finally, they determined JoHo Pyro Professional Fireworks AB from Finland were the winners, awarding them the trophy and a US$10,000 cash prize for a display that managed to be immensely powerful but poetic and beautiful, too.

The Danang International Fireworks Festival (DIFF), which has operated on a larger scale for the last three years, not only creates a truly jubilant festival atmosphere throughout the city, but also draws tourists from all over the world. Indeed, DIFF has established itself as one of the best known trademarks and cultural events on the city’s tourism calendar.

According to Ms. Truong Thi Hong Hanh – Deputy Director of the Danang Department of Tourism, the number of tourists staying in the month of the fireworks festival reached approximately 116,433, up 11% compared to last year’s festival period.

The festival has also inspired the city to grow in an effort to cater for demand. The number of accommodations in the city centre has now increased to 81, offering a combined total of 6,245 hotel rooms. The hotels always enjoy high occupancy rates, on average 65-70%, during the festival, and especially four to five-star hotels, which enjoy an average occupancy rate of 75-85%. As a whole, the festival helps to generate jobs for local residents and is a huge boon for local businesses and services in the city, for example, restaurants and cafes.

Meanwhile, the organization of the festival was a huge success. Under the careful guidance of city leaders and Sun Group, and thanks to the detailed coordination between various municipal departments, relevant agencies and city units, the whole festival was a highly professional and well-organized event that will leave visitors hugely impressed. Co-organisers Sun Group and city authorities took all the necessary steps to ensure the event was highly secure, clean, safe and as environmentally friendly as possible for visitors.

“Danang International Fireworks Festival has been organized in a professional way to achieve international stature, from the theme ideas and art performances through to accompanying activities,” said Truong Thi Hong Hanh. “In particular, selecting world class fireworks teams to participate at DIFF has created its own attraction for this festival. Besides that, Danang authorities have worked out plans to stabilize the prices of tourism services. This policy was applied very well at previous fireworks competitions, and received praise from international visitors, contributing to the brand of Danang as Asia’s leading festival and event destination.”

Mr. Duong The Bang, Chairman of Sun Group in the Central Region, said: “Danang International Fireworks Festival DIFF 2019 involved an investment of nearly VND140 billion and the participation of 4,000 people, including many personnel from city departments and agencies, as well as Sun Group employees. Funds from sponsors accounted for more than VND31 billion. The total number of issued tickets for the event reached 79,329, of which 53,027 were complimentary. Revenue from ticket sales amounted to nearly VND12 billion. For an event organizer, this revenue is not a commercial success, however from the success of previous DIFFs, and through a desire to make a significant contribution to Danang’s position as the leading festival and event destination in the region, and with the goal of making Danang well-known all around the world as a “Fireworks City”, Sun Group is motivated to continue elevating Danang’s name so this city reaches out to the world.”

Thanks to the significant investment made over the years, Danang International Fireworks Festival (DIFF) has indeed become a major cultural event, one which hundreds of thousands of people eagerly await each summer.

Besides the festival, Sun Group has invested in several world-class tourism projects, such as Golden Bridge at Sun World Ba Na Hills and InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort, which have also made an important contribution to putting Danang on the world map in recent years. Sun Group will continue to invest in creating timeless, influential developments as well as offer high-quality products and services for travel, culture, and entertainment, making Da Nang one of the most intriguing travel destinations, not just in Southeast Asia, but throughout the world.

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