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Team Finland tells epic story by fireworks

Date posted: 18/06/2019


At around 8.30pm on Saturday, the third competition night of the ongoing Da Nang International Fireworks Festival 2019 (DIFF 2019) was opened with a wonderful performance by JoHo Pyro Professional Fireworks AB from Finland.

Without flinching ahead of their ‘heavyweight’ rivals, Italy, during the competition night, the Finnish team thrilled the spectators with their delicate and meaningful display deeply inspired by the triumphant story of the true hero of the river- Lemminkainen.

Leader of the Finnish team Johan Holländer said his team demonstrated the Finnish strength and resilience through a magnificent pyro-musical show that narrates the mythological and heroic expedition of Lemminkainen. In his pursuit to win the heart of a young beautiful woman, he tries to conquer the fearsome Tuoni river. Unable to overcome the wrath of the river, his mom, the true woman of his life, searches for him and revive him back to life.

He noted all of his rivals at DIFF 2019 were very strong and have a lot of experience in the fireworks industry. Therefore, his team was exerting every effort to treat their audience with a spectacular show full of actions and emotions.

The Finnish team’s show featured a perfect combination of beautiful bursts spreading across the sky and different genres of music such as rock, metal, and classic in order to create the source of the story.

Despite being a newly-established team, the founder and owner of JoHo Pyro Professional Fireworks AB were Mr. Johan Hollander who has rich experience in the pyrotechnic industry in Finland.

The Finnish team has affirmed its position in the pyrotechnic industry in Finland by winning the Gold Prize at a national fireworks contest for the first time, and taking numerous notable prizes at international fireworks competitions in Croatia, France, Poland, and Germany.

Source: Bao Da Nang.

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