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Malta International Fireworks Festival


Each year at the end of April, pyrotechnics companies from around the globe descend upon Malta to show their creativity and flair by lighting up the skies over the beautiful Mediterranean island. The Malta International Fireworks Festival is a...

New Year’s Firework Display – Sydney, Australia

Sydney - Australia

Sydney is often described as one of the world’s most mesmerising cities for ringing in the New Year. That’s because every New Year’s Eve, Sydney Harbour is set ablaze with dazzling fireworks displays lighting up the night sky. Fireworks can be...

Macao International Fireworks Display Contest – China

Macau - China

The annual Macao International Fireworks Display Contest – universally acclaimed as one of the most incredible fireworks festivals – takes place on the Macau Tower Shorefront from mid-September to 1st October every year. Over the years, more...

Busan International Firework Festival – South Korea

Busan - Korea

Koreans also have a name for the city of Busan: ‘camellia city’ as everywhere in Busan, you can see the unique dark red coloured flower. Busan is also famous for its annually Busan International Film Festival, one of the most significant film...

Pohang International Fireworks Festival – South Korea

Pohang - Korea

In South Korea, Pohang is called “the city of sunshine and fire” as it is the first place in South Korea to see the sun rise and also the location for an annual fireworks display. Each summer, people flock to Bukbu beach and to the park on the...

Toya lake Long-run Fireworks Display – Hokkaido, Japan

Hokkaido - Japan

In Japan, you can see displays of fireworks, called hanabi in Japanese (literally, fire flowers) all around the country from July to September. That’s why summertime is called ‘hanabi season’ in Japan. There are hundreds of hanabi...

Montreal International Fireworks Festival – Quebec, Canada

La Ronde amusement park in Quebec, Canada

Every year, eight pyrotechnic companies from all over the world gather in La Ronde Theme Park in Quebec, Canada, to take part in what has been the largest fireworks competition in the world since 1985. The Montreal International Fireworks Festival...

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